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Mayfair Mansion-

A six storey Georgian House, refurbished and redecorated throughout with considerable structural alterations.

The client commissioned CVP to restore this Mayfair mansion to its former glory while respecting its many original architectural features. The finished result is the intricate recreation of an interior as it might have survived had it remained in continual family ownership. This project was the restoration and interior decoration of an historic house rather than a straightforward modern interior design exercise.

The Entrance Hall (middle left) showing restored panelling, and 19th century tapestries. The Drawing Room (bottom left) with fine ornamental plaster-work is lit by antique chandeliers. The effect is luxurious without being pretentious.

Against the 18th century background, numerous period details such as the sumptuous curtains and many architectural embellishments have been designed to compliment the antique furniture, French impressionist paintings and nineteenth century carpets which furnish most of the rooms. The bedrooms and bathrooms have been sympathetically decorated to give the feeling of elegance and luxury which one would associate with the sophisticated style of living in a Mayfair house. The set of murals on the galleried landing (top picture) depict the four seasons. The restored staircase (middle right) has a specially designed Brussels Weave carpet.

Commercial - Lounge

Bernal Heights, San Francisco

January, 2023

Photos by Kevin Martinez

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